Data Protection Statement

The personal information you provide us will be used to help organise the conference. Details will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The information you provide us on registration will not be shared with third parties except in the following necessary ways:

Details will be stored until after the conference has finished — for most delegates, details would not be kept beyond September 2018. Please remember that while your personal details may be removed from our records, details may still exist in physical and electronic copies of the conference programme.

If your details change after registering for the conference, we encourage you to notify us of any changes by emailing us at so we can update our details.

You can request a copy of all details we have stored about you in relation to the RSC 2018 conference. Please email with any requests for a copy of your records. Note that an administration fee may be charged for each request. Although it would be unlikely to happen to any information we hold about you for this conference, information may be withheld under certain circumstances — a reason would not need to be stated as to why the information was withheld and the administration fee would not be refundable. For more information, visit the website.



The RSC is an annual conference that is organised by students, for students, and open to PhD students or equivalent in any field relating to probability or statistics. The next conference will take place 24-27th July 2018 at the University of Sheffield.

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