Abstract submission

If you are presenting a talk or poster at the RSC you will need to submit an abstract, between 100-150 words.

Please register before submitting your abstract. You do not need to submit your abstract at the same time as registration, but the deadline for abstract submission is 30th June 2018. If your abstract is not submitted by this date it will not be included in the conference booklet.

Decisions on whether you will be presenting a talk or poster will be made on a monthly basis starting from 1 April 2018 and you will be notified which presentation format you have been assigned once this has taken place. Limited talk slots will be allocated first-come, first-serve based on your choice of talk/poster when registering. Note that everyone who submits an abstract will get the opportunity to present either a talk or poster.

Please download, complete and return this .tex file (instructions are included within) by emailing .

Alternatively, you can copy and modify the following text and saving the file as "FirstNameLastName.tex" (e.g. "JohnSmith.tex"). If you are unfamiliar with the .tex format, please copy and paste the text directly into an email with the relevant details.

\begin{conf-abstract}[Date\\Day\\Time\\Room] % Do not alter this line!

{Geometric preferential attachment in non-uniform metric spaces} % Title of your talk
{Jonathan Jordan} % Your name (note the example format)
{University of Sheffield} % Name of your University

% Place your abstract here, 100-150 words:
We investigate the degree sequences of geometric preferential attachment graphs in general compact 
metric spaces. We show that, under certain conditions on the attractiveness function, the behaviour 
of the degree sequence is similar to that of the preferential attachment with multiplicative fitness 
models investigated by Borgs et al. When the metric space is finite, the degree distribution at each 
point of the space converges to a degree distribution which is an asymptotic power law whose index 
depends on the chosen point. For infinite metric spaces, we can show that for vertices in a Borel 
subset of $S$ of positive measure the degree distribution converges to a distribution whose tail is 
close to that of a power law whose index again depends on the set.

\end{conf-abstract} % Do not alter this line!

Important dates

1st November 2017 Registration opening
31st May 2018 Grant applications close
30th June 2018 Registration closes (early registration fee extended until this date), abstract submission deadline, poster printing deadline
24th July 2018 Conference opening
27th July 2018 Conference closing



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